Best Boy Models

We focus on scouting and casting the best young male models from Holland and Belgium. If you are an expat in the age of 15 tot 35 and want to joint us or do a (free) test shoot to see if you fit in, read the info below.

Safety First.
Both portrait rights and copyright law apply to all photos taken of a model. These regulate the rights and obligations of models and photographers. The rule applies, especially for underage models, that a parent is in principle present at the photo shoot. Only the person present at the shoot is the person the model asks for, so there are no strange onlookers or a large crew that can make you nervous. Furthermore, if desired, a new model can be brought into contact with (the parents of) an existing model in advance to check things out.

Why Best Boy Models
There are countless girls and women who want to work as models, but boys and men usually don't think about that even though they are also needed. Think of print and online advertising for clothing such as Malelions, Jack & Jones to Wehkamp, but also as an extra on TV or in the arts. We therefore focus on searching for and casting the best new male models from the Netherlands and Belgium.

Similar to Boy Band, Boy Model doesn't necessarily mean you have to be a young boy. It's just an expression used for male models up to the age of about 35. So you can be 8 years old as a boy model, but also 28. Another term is "Male Model". We use 15 to 35 years because that is where the most demand is.

Do you have to be handsome and muscular to be a model?
Whether someone is handsome is always a matter of taste. For almost all clients, it is important that you have a certain appearance. In addition, male models in this age group must indeed have a well-groomed slim body, but a six-pack is certainly not always necessary (although it is cool to have, of course).

What clothing sizes should a model have?
That very much depends on what type of photo is needed. For High Fashion that also walk on the Catwalk / Runway, this is different from casual wear. The ideal clothing sizes for this group are between 48/52 (EUR) with a minimum height of 1.80 meters to 1.90 meters. These sizes are used because otherwise you will not fit into the clothing. In TV advertising as an extra in a television series or in art, there are actually no fixed rules and it just depends on what the client is looking for, tall, short, plump, you name it.

What does a model earn?
This of course varies greatly and depends on the assignment. Some (international) High Fashion models earn a few thousand per month, but a more reasonable assumption is that you can earn a few hundred euros per month as an advertising model, extra or as an art model.

How do my friends react?
New male models are often initially a bit hesitant about the reaction of their friends, afraid that they will find it strange that you are a model. Our experience shows that those friends actually think it's cool. Especially when they hear that you make good money with it.

Want to register?
Send an email to: casting[at]bestboymodels.nl
Mention therein
- your name + date of birth
- residence
- phone number
- one or more photos

We will let you know as soon as possible whether there is anything we can do for you.
(PLEASE NOTE: without a telephone number, your registration will be rejected immediately because we don't want fakers. And if you are not yet 18, you will need the permission of your parents).

Do you have any questions? Call or app +31. (0)6. 511 022 88